Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fabric mix packs!

OK, where did that week go? It zipped by and before I know it, it's almost time for another one. Whew, I can't keep up. And another week means...yep, another market :) Tomorrow is Thread Den Market day, woo! It follows the success of the first TDM earlier this year, in the lovely Lithuanian Club on Errol Street, and should be jam-packed full of crafty creations and vintage delights.

And what's new for me at this market? Fabric mix packs! Little bags filled with bits of my fabric, for you to turn into marvellous creations. It's the first time I've properly sold most of this fabric, and who knows if I'll do it again...we'll see how it goes.

Keeping me company at the market will be a bunch of great stuff/people, including Pocket Carnival, Rabbit & the Duck, Twiglett, Pepperberry & Co and more that I can't think of, as it's too hot!

Thread Den Market
* Handmade - Melbourne Indie Design - Vintage *
The Melbourne Lithuanian Club
44 Errol St, North Melbourne
Sunday 15 November 2009


  1. These packs are so gorgeous - do you have any left?? Would love to buy one...

  2. Thanks! They were popular so I'll be making more, and will try and put them on Etsy/Made It!


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