Monday, 16 November 2009


Another market down! This one (Thread Den) was really fun and really busy, which meant I had little time to sneak off and go shopping - boo. But I did remember to take snaps this time. How many trees can you spot in this shot?

The fabric packs were a bit of a hit, so might have to make some more and maybe put some for sale online (along with a million other things, so we'll see!)

And what appeared in our fridge later on that afternoon?

The first cherries of the year, and many kilograms of them, no less! They are courtesy of my lovely partner, who had been in the country and knows how much I love cherries. Mmm, thanks Jed!

Now it's time for some reading (thanks to the new Papier Mache, just out!) and relaxing and maybe doing some work too...


  1. hi susan, good to hear you had a good market day.. your stall looks as gorgeous as ever. i posted some pics of my new favourite tea towel on my blog last week :) cheers, kate

  2. Yep, I'm vouching for the fabric pack goodness! Lovely to meet you yesterday.


Nice to hear from you!

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