Thursday, 18 February 2010


So the Craft Hatch market was fun with lots of cute things to see. And my new set-up (a great old ladder with shelves, as you can see above) worked out great, yay! AND I got my coffee cup - I went minimalist, all white - from the lovely hookturn ladies :) It's a reusable, silicon cup and is very very nice.

I was happy to see all the fabric wrapped up in my new packaging (which I've got no photos of, bah) and as ever, the red Akzidenz was the most popular. And as of now, it's all in my shops - Etsy (USD) and Made It (AUD) so take a peak :)


  1. Ohh, I get it now - it's a ladder. That makes it even more ingenious!!

  2. Ha ha! Genius, right? Thanks so much for visiting and you've totally inspired me to sew with that fabric we bought. Or did I say that already :)

    Have fun Sat. I've got a date in the country - yay - so can't make it :(

  3. love the fabrics, they look amazing!

  4. That ladder is an excellent idea. Often that space under the table is not used at all.

  5. your display was the best!!

    (PS, i am in love with the clogs too, i just ordered a pair in black!)



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