Thursday, 25 February 2010

This week

Haven't been up to much, beyond trying to have *ahem* a life. These photos are actually all from the weekend, which involved getting some sun, eating, drinking and relaxing. But I have been doing some work (fun work) that involves getting the emulsion out in preparation for making a new screen/design, which I haven't done forever. Can't wait to get the ink out! Happy Thursday.


  1. where was the mosaic wall at? was that ouside, if not, that's a dirty shower.

  2. Yes, definitely outside - it's a pub wall!

  3. Hi Sus, Glad to see you're blogging again! Where was the photo of the pear (on the tree) taken? I think the pears this year are a bit flavourless, not so sweet - maybe because of the high rainfall we've had these last few months, what do you think? I still enjoy them tho'.

  4. Anyway, what I meant to ask is, how did the emulsion work out?

  5. Hey mysterious Anonoymous

    You know, I can't remember where that pear photo was taken as the post's actually from last Feb... And the emulsion? Gosh, I can't remember what that was either.... No help, am I?


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