Thursday, 18 February 2010

These are going to be mine soon...

..I just need to decide on the colour. They're so ace and they even have wooden clog heels. Swoon. And though I could just buy them online, I think I've got a better idea that might just involve going to Sweden and picking them up in person :)


  1. A very good idea!
    I wanted several (!) of their shoes too. But found it a bit risky to order online without trying them on. Luckily I found a green pair in a shop in Oslo. 50% off! So even though I had planned to order brown ones online, I ended up with green...

  2. Oh, the green colour is so nice, good find. Picking a colour (and getting just one pair) is the hard part!

  3. These are so darn cute! I really like the pink, could see how to wear them with many outfits, perfect summer sandal :)

  4. ups...i wanna have this one for my wife

  5. They are nice pieces unique and the color is eye catchy. I like it.


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