Friday, 16 July 2010

Knitting and crochet to warm the heart on a winter's day

Knitted Lemons, by Sharon Russell.

Whew, that's a long title blog post title. But a fitting one, as knitted and crocheted goods really made my day today. Sharon's lemons, above, are so sweet and seeing them in a cafe at lunch today made me smile. And Sandra's mini granny square, below, nearly ended up in the bin as I didn't see it in the package along with my wrist worms. Thanks Sandra!

Mini granny square, by Sandra Juto.


  1. Wow! cute Knitted Lemons
    Really original.
    Nice post

  2. the lemons are adorable! Has she thought about making cherries?

  3. phew! hi susan! and jed! we miss you here in gothenburg :)


Nice to hear from you!

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