Saturday, 8 December 2007

More for Mikes

Took this batch of stuff over to Mikes Fitzroy the other day, complete with custom-made paper bag (with Akzidenz type on the outside). The bag is super wonky (I really should have used a ruler from the outset) but did the job!

And here's a close up of the loot -

This is a behind shot of the elephants, complete with new hang tags. And the middle one - with blue and brown - is now sitting in the Mikes Fitzroy Christmas window. Yay!

And there is the batch of lavender bags with tags.

It's always nice seeing everything finally finished off, tagged and ready to go - that alone always makes it all feel worthwhile. And funnily enough two people I know bought my stuff at Mikes shopping night the other night (that's definitely a novelty for me!) Wooh!


  1. our wares at Mikes the other day. They look lovely.

  2. sorry that comment seemed to chop off half of what I wrote....I spied your wares at Mikes the other day. They look lovely.

  3. d'ya day..youd be up for some lavender bags swap for some fabric or something?

  4. I'm all Arthur's Circus crazy - for the great shop and the great Cookie stuff in there too. Would love to do a swap... 2 lav bags for a Cookie doll? The bags are small-ish. Is that fair? I love the Cookie dolls!!

  5. Those lavender bags are so cute. No wonder Shannon wants to do a swap!
    I really wanted to go to the Mikes night but sick kids prevented me going.
    Really wish I had been able to make it...


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