Thursday, 26 March 2009

Belated Stitches & Craft

About a year ago (actually, it was two weeks ago but feels so much longer) I visited the Stitches & Craft show. Woot! Well, woot after sifting through some IMHO non-cool craft. But then there was much fun to be had...

Beautiful hand stitched birdhouses (Know these are famous, or the idea is of famous origin, but can't remember who/how/when!)

Amazing use of selvedges by Ric-Rac

..and learning to do (I took a crochet course - while I'm still getting into the swing of it, it's love) and watching to do (the doco Handmade Nation screened).

Then there was the buying of stuff, none of which I have photos of (fabric, a beautiful crocheted flower and more). And the not buying of stuff I really wanted, like some lovely yarn from Pear Tree Yarn.


  1. Hi there !

    Fantastic blog, fantastic fabric, my English is not perfect but what I see here is so amazingly beautiful !!

    PS: The birdhouse is made in Brooklyn by Tamar Mogendorff... ;o)

  2. Oh, thanks for your kind words and for the info! Your blog is super cute too and I love the snaps of Liberty fabric. And let's just say that your English is a lot better than my French :)


Nice to hear from you!

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