Sunday, 1 March 2009

More studio shots

I've well and truly moved into my studio now and am in work mode - so much so that I've almost forgotten what blogs are (there's no studio internet access yet - very good for productivity, with only coffee-getting from a great place nearby to distract me.)

So here are some random studio shots. There's not many from in my actual space yet - will have to get onto that next time.

The main door, which you need to duck to get through

The view from just inside the front door - at the end is the kitchen which is super cute and needs its own photo at some stage

The view from the street

My new clock and some fabric

A bunch of elephants in production on my work bench

And hopefully I'll have some new tea towel designs in production soon!

1 comment:

  1. The screen exposure went all well, thank you! Have printed some cows for shopping bags.
    Fun to have this message from you, because last night I couldn't sleep for a while. I had too many ideas. And one of them was that your t-towel would be a great present for friends with their name starting with T. So I made the decision to order some one day.


Nice to hear from you!

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