Friday, 27 March 2009

Studio update

I finally got around to taking some more studio shots - here's how it's looking now:

My work desk, aka the kitchen table my dad bought 40 years ago.

Work desk vs sewing desk.

Storage-o-rama, except that metal cabinet is almost full of stuff already. And the fan is another dad donation - his from a lot more than 40 years ago and still working perfectly.

Summer's definitely over now and I'm going to have to look into some heating options - brr, it's gonna get cold. But it is cosy, so that might make up for it just a little bit.

In other news, I've set up a wee Madeit shop in case anyone wants to buy goodies in Aussie dollars. For now I've put some tea towels in there with more coming soon.

Happy Friday afternoon :)


  1. Love the pics of your studio (am v. embarrassed to be such an untidy neighbour) and congrats on the made it store!

  2. I like the look of your studio. It looks quite warm and cosy. :) You guys (i.e. including I&S girls) have got a great little design hub going on down in that building!


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