Friday, 13 August 2010

It's...the Tree Towel!

Tree Towel in two-tone green

OK, so my new design, The Tree Towel, is ready, yay! It is inspired by my recent travels in Sweden, can you tell? Sometimes new things seem to take forever to get from idea to fact I got so impatient this time that I've already got another design figured out, all before this one was even released. But more about that later.

As I was so excited about The Tree Towel, I created a little flyer for it -

And of course, the towel's available in my Etsy shop now, in two colourways - two-tone green and chocolate brown and pink.Speaking of fliers, if you buy any of my tea towels or fabric goods, you'll also get a cute little sheet explaining more about the fabric - linen or hemp/organic cotton. For example, did you know that linen absorbs 20% or more of its weight in water and is bacteria resistant & can’t provoke allergies? Or that the hemp plant grows rapidly, requires only a modest amount of water and needs no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides? Well you do now :)

Happy Friday.


  1. Hello stranger! I love your new design, particularly in the neopolitan colours. Yum.

  2. Oh, I thought it was bunting-inspired (like nearly everything else in blogland at the moment)!


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