Friday, 20 August 2010

Some new stuff

Have just put some new things in le Etsy shop...plush cushion covers in two styles and hemp/organic cotton tea towel packs - a polka dot 2-pack or a polka dots & letters 2-pack.

And here are some things you might not know about hemp, more reasons why it's such a great fabric:
  • It is very absorbent and has a natural antiseptic character
  • It also holds its shape and does not fade in the sun
  • When blended with organic cotton, the fabric gains strength & elasticity and is extra soft

I noticed Etsy seems to have had its layout tweaked again - every time I look, something's been moved around. This time, each seller's main shop page has been tweaked to fit four items across the width and it looks great, go Etsy peeps.

OK, now time for some book shopping and weekend-planning. Happy Friday!


  1. buy from the book depository (either or free shipping, worldwide!

  2. you should buy from the book depository (either or free shipping, worldwide!

  3. I know, I know...and I will, if they have 'em.

  4. oh my.. i love that teal & warm grey cushion.. v nice!

  5. Lady, you do excellent 'dot! Typography is pretty excellent to boot.

  6. looking gorgeous, love the yellow! hope you are well, it's been ages!! xx

  7. HI,
    just found your etsy store.. and this blog. Very nice!!! Do you mind me asking where you are from? I noticed a poster in the background in the picture in this post - it is from Galerija Primitivne Umjetnosti in Zagreb. That's my home town!!!

  8. Hi there Nina

    I'm from and live in Australia, but did buy that poster from Zagreb a few years ago. It's one of my favourite cities so it's lovely to hear that someone from there is ready my blog, wow!


Nice to hear from you!

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