Monday, 17 August 2009

Dear Melbourne...

..I love you. I love that you make me walk to the market - with all my stuff in tow - in the rain. And follow shortly after with gale-force winds. Oh well, at least I was inside this time. Because there was no other option. And I'm sure next time will be amazing and sunny, and no-one will have their life threatened by large wooden boxes being blown over in the crazy wind. Yeah, I'm positive of this.

It goes without saying that I had more lovely and inspiring neighbours who make amazing things. And next time I'm going to remember to take photos of their stuff, not just my own, and get their online particulars so I can share link love. But from yesterday I have details of just one, the lovely Sharon Margaret who knits the best stuff - light bulb covers, liquorice allsorts, tampons, you name it. Genius.

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  1. Come to Rose Street! Get bowled over by a giant flying wooden box!


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