Friday, 14 August 2009

Interior inspiration

Trying to find time to sit down at the computer has not been so easy in the last couple of weeks, but when I spied this site (found by my eagle-eyed BF who knows I'm a sucker for such things) I couldn't tear myself away: OWI // Office for Word and Image - "specialized in full reportages, including text and images on architecture and interiors".

House Jef, Image courtesy of OWI

House Uyttenhove, image courtesy of OWI

Barn House, image courtesy of OWI

Sigh and swoon. Yep, I'm definitely going into withdrawal now that the latest season of Grand Designs has finished.


  1. Oh yay, I didn't know about this site! I recently discovered hours of fun. And I try to get home early on thursdays for World's Greenest Homes on ABC... yesterday they featured a place outside Melbourne!

  2. Great tips, thanks Tess! Oh, will have to tune into the ABC on Thursday, by the sound of it & hope they're streaming past eps...

  3. Did you see that amazing multi-coloured upholstered couch in the last episode?!! I can't get it out of my head. The colours were fantastic, and the texture of the corduroy... ok, I'll calm down now.

  4. And the, ahem, *wall art* motorcycle - what a combination!


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