Monday, 24 August 2009

Inspiration Thursday (on a Monday)

Haven't had a chance to sit down at my computer since I took these photos on Thursday, but thought I'd show them now anyway (and maybe show Thursday inspiration photos more regularly). Generally I find Thursdays are a good day, and this definitely has something to do with them being a studio day. Last Thursday was no different - hot chocolate in the afternoon in the sun, seeing familiar walls in a new light and going shopping at lunch to get the new(ish) MixTape.

And my fave bits from MixTape 10 -

  • The design - it is looking really great and next issue will have a new look and shape, so can't wait to see that
  • Aunty Cookie book plates - can't go wrong here
  • Tips for green renters from, including recipes for cleaning products - I'll be making these next weekend as I hate the smell of commercial cleaning products (even the green ones stink)
  • Pattern for a crochet thimble-holding necklace - it might just give me inspiration to again attempt crochet, as it's so cute and looks kinda straightforward
And I'm not through it yet, so I'm sure to have more to add to the list, but a sneak-peak reveals that a pattern to make a mouse and a sausage roll recipe await, yay! Thanks MixTape.

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