Monday, 7 September 2009

Away and back again

Managed to get out of town for most of last week and it was great as a nearing-the-end-of-the-year getaway and refresher. Can't complain about sitting around all day reading, sipping tea/beer/wine and eating lots of great food. It was kind of difficult adjusting to having no computer / mobile phone access / TV or radio but I got over that pretty quickly. Here are some highlights.

Tiny little mushrooms, so cute!

Mount Sturgeon, one mountain that makes up the Grampians.

Beautiful tree, discovered on a wander around Dunkeld.

Bushfire-recovering trees, on the way to Halls Gap.

And I was pretty excited to get back to town, as this screen (and newly arrived lovely hemp/organic cotton fabric) are soon to be turned to into my first run of yardage printing, yay! Screens this size are too big for my weeny studio, so have entrusted the crafty Ink & Spindle girls with this task. Now have to settle on the colours (two to begin with, I'm thinking red and baby blue). Can't wait, shouldn't be far off!


  1. Cannot wait to see your yardage! Definitely go the red : )

  2. looks awesome.. oh can you do a charcoal & aqua one too?? i'm boring i know, but it would go so nicely in my white, charcoal, black & timber kitchen/ living area :)

  3. Charcoal's a near certainty - I'm so predictable!


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