Friday, 11 September 2009

Rose St Market Neighbours

As promised (I think?) here are some snaps of my neighbours from the last Rose St Market I was at a couple of Sundays ago. I think you'll agree they're all wonderful :)

Next-door neighbours Shadow Theatre, great decals and what a set-up, super stylish.

Shadow Theatre

The gorgeous Sharon Margaret - what knitting skills she has! So cute, I want it all.

Photo courtesy of Sharon (my photos were totally crap!)

My neighbour from a previous market, Two Layers of Cells. I love the simplicity & stylishness of these lampshades, which come pre-designed with a great outline drawing, or get some textas and you can design your own. So great!

Two Layers of Cells - design your own lampshade!

Monica McNabb's lovely badges are also a fave, but she makes so much more, including a whole range of cards - check out that handmade card display rack below. Genius.

Monica McNab

Of course, the wonderful Pocket Carnival. Need I say more? So cute and you can't have too many bunny shots, I say (he's there in the left hand corner).

Pocket Carnival

Printspace = ace. So much talent, so many lovely illustrations that it's hard to know where to look. What a lovely shot of Nick and Mara, such proud stall holders they are! And the badges below just kill me, so much sweetness.

Nick and Mara, cute!

Printspace badge joy

And for good measure, here's just the one snap of my last stall, complete with new signage! It still takes me forever to set up, moving things this way and each week it looks completely different, partly just to keep me entertained. And I'll be there again Sunday, along with most of these guys.

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  1. Argh Susan I missed the markets again! Weekends are too, too short these days. Love the blackboard though - what a great touch!


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