Friday, 11 September 2009

A simple equation


Plus this:

Equals this!

My first yardage run is done!

Forgot to mention the actual design details in my other post, but one half is a variation of the Akzidenz print I've used previously (if you've seen it), only smaller scale. The other half is the old fave of polka dots, bigger than I've used before and I love them!

Not only did the lovely Ink & Spindle girls offer a heap of advice / support for the yardage novice, but they even suggested I mix the ink (fun! scientific, almost!) and help print the fabric (well, drag the squeegee along one half of the massive screen). It's quite a thrill to see it all laid out on the table, meter after meter.

So one colour down (not a baby blue but lovely none the less - this blue's got more depth and really lovely on the creamy hemp/organic cotton base cloth) red to go. And the plans for more colours (mustard yellow, then charcoal on a more natural-coloured base cloth to start with) are well and truly decided on. Can't wait until it's all ready :)


Nice to hear from you!

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