Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday Stash

All photos by Summersville.

After many months of putting off the purchase of some Summersville fabric, I recently decided I could no longer live without some. In fact, now that I look back, two of her things featured in my "If I had an Etsy Treasury" post of yonks ago. And no, still haven't got one!) Anyway, sooo happy when these arrived in the post, all the way from Suffolk in the UK. They're hand printed in great colours, lovely base cloth and cute coz they're little panels. I even got some magnets too, which look soo good on my fridge. Thanks Lucie :) Now what to do with them... argh, don't make me cut them up!

Happy Sunday, happy Sunday Stash.


  1. I have serious stash envy now - I have been wanting Summersville fabric for the longest time. So jealous!

    I'm coming along on Sunday, I hope you have some of your new fabric printed in the red : ) (hint hint)


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