Friday, 27 August 2010

It's a Greens slide

A belated cheer for the fact that I now live in a Greens seat. Yay, go Melbourne, here's some Greens bunting for you. Now if only we could figure out the deal for the rest of the country...

Friday, 20 August 2010

OMG, my first Etsy Treasury

OK, after trying a bunch of times a while back (and giving up not long after) I've finally got an Etsy Treasury, yay! It was super easy to get, so I'm thinking it's open slather now with treasuries, none of this waiting around until the sun aligns with the moon and the magic number of 324 is reached (or whatever the system was before).

It's called Winter Warmers and here's the spiel:

It's winter in Australia and as much as I'm sick of it, there's also a lot I like about it...woolen things & knitting, heaters, umbrellas & rain and also the feeling that spring is just around the corner.

Catch it while it lasts!

Some new stuff

Have just put some new things in le Etsy shop...plush cushion covers in two styles and hemp/organic cotton tea towel packs - a polka dot 2-pack or a polka dots & letters 2-pack.

And here are some things you might not know about hemp, more reasons why it's such a great fabric:
  • It is very absorbent and has a natural antiseptic character
  • It also holds its shape and does not fade in the sun
  • When blended with organic cotton, the fabric gains strength & elasticity and is extra soft

I noticed Etsy seems to have had its layout tweaked again - every time I look, something's been moved around. This time, each seller's main shop page has been tweaked to fit four items across the width and it looks great, go Etsy peeps.

OK, now time for some book shopping and weekend-planning. Happy Friday!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Craft Hatch market is done!

Here are some pictures from the Craft Hatch market I did a week idea if anyone else is interested in such things but I love looking at pictures of markets, so here goes!

It was the biggest Craft Victoria market to date, with 19 different stalls, and I just wish I had looked around a bit more at the great stuff time. Markets are exhausting, for me anyway, but I came away from this one full of ideas and happy to see so many familiar and new faces (both selling and buying stuff). And a big thanks to the lovely Kim for organising!

Friday, 13 August 2010

It's...the Tree Towel!

Tree Towel in two-tone green

OK, so my new design, The Tree Towel, is ready, yay! It is inspired by my recent travels in Sweden, can you tell? Sometimes new things seem to take forever to get from idea to fact I got so impatient this time that I've already got another design figured out, all before this one was even released. But more about that later.

As I was so excited about The Tree Towel, I created a little flyer for it -

And of course, the towel's available in my Etsy shop now, in two colourways - two-tone green and chocolate brown and pink.Speaking of fliers, if you buy any of my tea towels or fabric goods, you'll also get a cute little sheet explaining more about the fabric - linen or hemp/organic cotton. For example, did you know that linen absorbs 20% or more of its weight in water and is bacteria resistant & can’t provoke allergies? Or that the hemp plant grows rapidly, requires only a modest amount of water and needs no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides? Well you do now :)

Happy Friday.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A gift for me

I've wanted some blank babushkas (matryoshkas) for a while now, and today I got them - a winter's gift to myself, let's call it, to fit in with my mid-winter melancholy. There's something so beautiful about the blanks and I wouldn't dare attempt to decorate them, much to the shock of the shopkeeper at Babushkas.

OK, time for some mid-winter cooking-of-hearty-food (a tip from Mattt, and great) while listening to some sad music.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Craft Cubed

OK, so I've been beavering away in my wee studio (ie: lounge room, my new workspace, more on that later) preparing for a wee market that's on soon. And then I realise it's on THIS SUNDAY! Better beaver a little faster, me thinks. I'll have a bunch of new things, including my new Trees tea towel in two colourways (the other to be revealed as soon as I can get a half decent photo of it), which is super exciting.

The event is part of Craft Cubed, for Craft Victoria’s annual festival, which this year has a theme of childhood. Looks like I'll have some pretty fine company (how cute are those bearded brooches?!) And hopefully I'll have some wee baby booties, which I am loving and decided to make some more of. Below is them on Lily's legs, aw!

Sunday 8 August
The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne

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