Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Finally they're ready - the first batch of cushions that are one part of my collaboration with the lovely Volker Haug, lighting designer extraordinaire (and studio mate).

They're kinda big (more than half a meter square), feature four different light designs (grey on black), are filled with lovely soft duck feather and will be the perfect addition to extended, winter-inspired couch sitting.


  1. They are fabulous!@ When you say, "they are here" - are they going in the shop?

  2.! they are calling my name - wow!
    thanks for dropping by the blog, i have only read your lovely comment. (btw, a meet and greet at the next cwc, i couldn't agree more.) i've had your blog bookmarked for a while, so glad we are on the same wavelength! x

  3. Hey guys :)

    Jacqui - Some might just get to the shop soon...will keep you posted!

    And nice to hear from you Shelley, meet you soon I hope (at CWC or if I venture into your dangerously good shop :)


Nice to hear from you!

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