Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New York In A Bag

It seems like forever ago now but I lived overseas for a couple of years (in London, with a few trips to New York, Paris, Antwerp, Berlin etc, sigh) and my two London shopping obsessions were Paperchase and Muji (kind of like the Ikea of Japan). You can get Paperchase here (well, some stuff in Borders) and there's always Print & Pattern to keep up with what's going on there but alas, there's no Muji here (and no shipping to Australia via their website, boo hoo).

So it was rather lovely of my parents to bring me back the New York In A Bag set of wood blocks from their recent trip OS (following my very subtle hint). And how darn cool is it?

**UPDATE** I've just taken a sneak-peak at Play Muji and really shouldn't have...too much goodness, I'm planning a trip to Japan!

1 comment:

  1. They are lovely.
    I picked up the paris bag in a city at my local op-shop. There was a London one I wish I had of good too!
    ps love ya blog!


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