Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Long weekend of sewing

The only thing I really did this past long weekend (besides eating delicious food and watching movies on the couch due to the wintery weather) was sew (oh, and work). It took me a lot longer to finish these than I thought it would, and there was a lot of unpicking and a bit of swearing (I wanted them to be perfect and that took a while - argh, zips!) but I got there in the end.

New cushions made with lovely new heavy weight cotton fabric from Skinny LaMinx, backed with a charcoal-grey cotton drill.

The fabric looked pretty good online and it really is fab - a lovely textured, natural-coloured heavy weight cotton with ink colours that are slightly muted, which I love (it's only fitting - Heather is a bit of a genius). And these are perfect for extended couch sitting.

It seems I'm not the only one who spent part of the long weekend sewing - look at these snaps Tess sent through of what she's made with some of my fabric (from a recent swap at CWC, which I'll have to talk more about soon).

Photos courtesy of Tess McCabe of Metremaid

I'd never thought of using my fabric for cushions but this looks great (and her green chair is uncannily similar to mine - spooky!)


Nice to hear from you!

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