Friday, 27 March 2009

Studio update

I finally got around to taking some more studio shots - here's how it's looking now:

My work desk, aka the kitchen table my dad bought 40 years ago.

Work desk vs sewing desk.

Storage-o-rama, except that metal cabinet is almost full of stuff already. And the fan is another dad donation - his from a lot more than 40 years ago and still working perfectly.

Summer's definitely over now and I'm going to have to look into some heating options - brr, it's gonna get cold. But it is cosy, so that might make up for it just a little bit.

In other news, I've set up a wee Madeit shop in case anyone wants to buy goodies in Aussie dollars. For now I've put some tea towels in there with more coming soon.

Happy Friday afternoon :)

Catching up

Along with going to Stitches and Craft, I've also been busy treking around the country. OK, not quite, but I did made a short trip to Adelaide last week, which was rather fun. I got to see some lovely shops and people and buy some little treats for myself :) And appreciate all the lovely old buildings - lots of sandstone, the equivalent of which must have been pulled down in Melbourne :(

Here are some highlights:

Early morning flight and lovely light

Lucia's at the Central Markets - a great spot to sit and watch the world go by

Local yoghurt at the market - I'm packaging obsessed

A sheep on the road - he ran away pretty quickly when we got closer!

One Small Room - bought my sewing table from here years ago, and finally get to see the shop in person

Nest Studios - cute!

Amazing button shop in an arcade off Rundle Mall

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Belated Stitches & Craft

About a year ago (actually, it was two weeks ago but feels so much longer) I visited the Stitches & Craft show. Woot! Well, woot after sifting through some IMHO non-cool craft. But then there was much fun to be had...

Beautiful hand stitched birdhouses (Know these are famous, or the idea is of famous origin, but can't remember who/how/when!)

Amazing use of selvedges by Ric-Rac

..and learning to do (I took a crochet course - while I'm still getting into the swing of it, it's love) and watching to do (the doco Handmade Nation screened).

Then there was the buying of stuff, none of which I have photos of (fabric, a beautiful crocheted flower and more). And the not buying of stuff I really wanted, like some lovely yarn from Pear Tree Yarn.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Testing testing

Have been doing some colour testing for my new tea towel design and finally, here's a combination that I'm happy with - the pale blue is neither too blue nor too pale (both are just wrong), the brown is neither too brown nor too hazelnut (or was it capuccino? Either way, it was wrong wrong wrong!) Yes, nothing beats the feeling of lifting the screen to see a print looking how you want it to :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Yep, two posts in one day,when I barely fit in one per week usually.

These are some random shots of things from this morning - pears (so beautiful) and a drawing done while waiting for lunch.

And here is a sneak-peak of a new tea towel design I'm working on. Not sure about the colours yet, but I do love leaves.

Coffee inspiration

Mmm, coffee is my inspiration today. Especially when it comes in a faux paper coffee cup that's actually ceramic. It's my new favourite thing. And even though it's not actually mine, I've used it so much lately that it might as well be. So simple yet so beautiful, particularly because of its imperfections.

As mentioned the other day, elephants were in the making, and now they're all done! And finally had the chance to put them up on Etsy, so the shop is fully stocked, finally.

And very excited to see that the doco Handmade Nation will soon be screening in Melbourne, and for free! Go Stitches and Craft Show, you rock.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

More studio shots

I've well and truly moved into my studio now and am in work mode - so much so that I've almost forgotten what blogs are (there's no studio internet access yet - very good for productivity, with only coffee-getting from a great place nearby to distract me.)

So here are some random studio shots. There's not many from in my actual space yet - will have to get onto that next time.

The main door, which you need to duck to get through

The view from just inside the front door - at the end is the kitchen which is super cute and needs its own photo at some stage

The view from the street

My new clock and some fabric

A bunch of elephants in production on my work bench

And hopefully I'll have some new tea towel designs in production soon!

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